Caleb Slain

Born in Grand Rapids, MI, Caleb Slain has built a reputation for over delivering every project he touches. After dropping out of film school as a teenager, Slain rallied over 80 local professionals to band together to produce The Lost & Found Shop, a vibrantly ambitious short film that went on to receive awards and generate buzz across the globe. This film showcased his ambitions and talent from the early age of 19, as well as his taste for meticulous set design, extended one-shot sequences, and cadential editing that would later become a staple of his commercial work. His client list includes brands such as Volvo, Microsoft, Vitamin Water, Nike, and Riot Games.

At the age of 16, Slain became a sponsored gamer for Halo 2. He was recognized as one of the top 50 players in the world, a notable achievement when competing against several million users.  He attributes the strong spatial awareness in his films to this background in gaming, where he spent years training to be hyper conscious of his surrounding’s geometric nuances.

In 2012, he directed a cinematic short documentary It Ain’t Over which premiered at SXSW. The film also screened at the Palm Springs Shortfest and the illustrious Telluride Film Festival, earning multiple audience awards throughout the country.

Slain directed the notorious “Surface” ad for Microsoft, acquiring over 8 million views and earning him personal spotlights in Business Insider and the Huffington Post. His short film Designed Around You won Volvo’s international brand contest in 2012, and his recent shorts Free Pie and Juggle & Cut both received internet and festival success. In addition to his directorial talents, Slain is also an accomplished editor. In 2014, he crafted together a 21-minute video called P.S. Hoffman, a tribute film to the late Philip Seymour Hoffman.  The film was praised by Time Magazine, NPR, Indiewire, Slate, Entertainment Weekly, and USA Today, to name a few. Hoffman’s manager reached out to personally thank Slain for creating such a touching homage.

Slain is currently developing several longer format projects, as well as preparing his experimental writing app “Flowstate” for an upcoming release. Instead of sleeping, he writes, reads old books, goes bouldering, studies future technologies, and hunts for strange adventures.

Flowstate – Caleb Slain

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Frequencies – Caleb Slain

Frequencies – Trailer

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Welcome To The End Of The World

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The Lost & Found Shop

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