Sil Van de Woerd


Sil’s use of film and CGI techniques produce highly imaginative, beautiful and atmospheric worlds.


Having studied fine Arts in Arnhem, Netherlands (winning Artez academy prize for best graduating student) and Visual Effects at Gnomon, Hollywood  Sil Van’s reputation as an exciting film maker has picked him up awards already. Collaborating with singer Lolly Jane Blue he exhibited his new techniques in their first music video together, ‘Worms’. Since then they have continued creating the mesmerising, audiovisual world of Lolly Jane Blue with many more masterpieces. The ‘Making Of Worms’ was covered in a 10 hour training DVD recorded at Gnomon.

He has now picked up his 10th award, and his recent music promo ‘Tommy’s Theme’ for Noisia, and short ‘Requiem 2019’ (with Rutger Hauer) have been huge successes.


Sil Van is a magical director, with a real flair for composition and experimenting with creative ideas.

Save the Whales – Sil Van Der Woerd

Lolly Jane Blue- White Swan

Dog Blood – Next Order

Jane Blue & The Hunters- The Pagan

Anouk – For bitter for worse

Lolly Jane Blue – Worms