Camille & Jean-Baptiste



Camille and Jean Baptiste  met while working in team at MAC GUFF visual effects company based in Paris.

Jean Baptiste had already made a few short films combining cinematography and motion design, with an emphasis on lighting, framing, and an aesthetic and insightful approach to everyday life. Camille had worked on rather complex projects in which the creative influence involve consistent storytelling, mastering the art of shooting films and the use of 3D effects.

Together, these two styles would match perfectly, and brought out the best in each of the talented directors. Simple visual effects and magic tricks to support an inspired poetic vision

Haval – The Future

Vacheron – by design

L’Oreal – Chocco Addict – Cam and Jean

Asaf Avidan – Over My Head

Beat Assaillant- Run

Louis Vuitton- Cases

Evian Short- PingPong

Alexis & HK- C’que T’est Belle

Tribute- Alfred Hitchcock