Sky TV

Trizz Studio

Joe Vanhoutteghem

Red Cross - Blood

Christian Gruner

Sexy commercial for Dunhill

Cracker Barrel - Steak Sandwich

Rob Fiocca

Children of the Wild

Guiilaume directs Steve Angello's club anthem

Megalizer 1

Megalizer the French collective first brilliant piece.


Flux - Sublime short film


Tomat deliver 3 very funny spots for Flanax pain killers

Claas Ortmann

Kraft - BBQ

Caleb Slain

Volvo - Designed Around You

Guionne Leroy

De Lijn "Penguins"

Claas Ortmann

Pin Card Security - Comedy

Iron Man

Danny Yount master of graphics

Danny Yount

Six Feet Under - Titles

Camille & Jean-Baptiste

Cleverly crafted promo



Christian Gruner

Klinscoe - Granny

Christian Gruner


Tomat -TNT

Bad boy Rhino

Rob Fiocca

Food Director/Photographer Extraordinaire

7/7 One Day in London

Bafta winning Doc from Ben Anthony

Lane & Jan

Comedy greats

"Unconditional Rebel"

Guillaume Panarieillo

Reed "Dream"



What if your mate was a Gif?

Sil Van Der Woerd

The magical world of Sil

Caleb Slain

Microsoft - Surface

L'Oreal by Cam and Jean

Save The Whales

All CG environment, simply stunning

Life and Death Row

Brilliant multi nominated Bafta doc from Ben Anthony

Eden takes on the Greatest Challenge

Joe Vanhoutteghem

Old Spice - Australian Man

The Van Vurrens get spice.



Beautiful food captured by the brilliant Stef Viaene

Caleb Slain

Lost and Found- Beautiful short


"Sinema" Idents by Nohlab

Michael Reissinger

Vauxhall - Fundriving


Simon Clowes macro loveliness

Ninja Chihuahua

by Claas Ortmann

Julian Petschek

Butter Ya'Self

Danny Yount

Titles King

Goober Apps

Create, develop and distribute


 **NEW** Studio Smack 

Every now and then you find a gem, and these guys truly are. Their GreenPeace films are masterpieces of concept and execution. They are the most exciting animation house out there at the moment and we feel beyond excited to have them here at Goober towers. Take a look at their first music video WitchDoktor, it will knock your socks off. HERE


Great new work from Trizz, for Sky and Spring Thunder, once again the studio is at the top of its game producing two great pieces, watch  HERE    

**NEW** Caleb Slain

Caleb is a prodigious talent, at 25 he is probably the top of the pile in regards to what he has directed and developed, way beyond his years. He has just released (and directed the commercial) his new app FlowState a brilliant app for writers block go   HERE  to have a look at the website and download it.  The one take commercial is HERE